3 Way to Maximize Your Practice Waitlist

Take a Number Machine

1. Automate Waitlist Check-ins

Nobody likes to be put on a waiting list then never hear back from that business again. Keep your potential clients connected and build that trust that you are looking out for them by scheduling regular check-in emails.

  • Create a waitlist stage in your pipeline
  • Automate a tag to be applied every time someone moves into a stage on your pipeline designated for those on you waitlist. Let's call this pipeline stage "waitlist".
  • Create a campaign that gets triggered by an opportunity or deal moving into that stage. You can then time a welcome to your waitlist email letting them know what to expect (example weekly email check-ins) and what you expect from them (let us know if you found an appointment elsewhere!)
  • After a certain number of weeks, set up a task for you to contact them for a personal check in and to find out if they are still interested in being on your waitlist.
  • If you want to make this fancy you can create a loop campaign like this: Keap Loop Campaign (or I can get that set up for you easy peasy).

2. Work the trends

Do you notice a trend in your waitlist? Maybe multiple people are looking for couples counseling but your one clinicians who offers that is booked solid? Or maybe many of them have a particular insurance but your clinicians who accept that insurance are full? If you notice these trends let them drive smart business decisions? Maybe you need to consider hiring a new therapist? If you are interested in expansion, what better situation can you be in to have a case load waiting for someone to join your group? Maybe you notice that there are several who want appointment times that are less staffed. It might be an opportunity to hire someone for those hours or reach out to existing clinicians to add more.

3. Segment your Waitlist by Clinician Or Specialty

One way to really fine tune your waitlist is determine if it is beneficial to break it down into smaller elements. Example, in my practice we implemented a waitlist in which we tag that client with every therapist that would be a great fit. Then, weekly we send that clinician only the people on their list. Ideally, if they know of an opening coming up, we can plug that person in there. Or, if the admin sees an opening, she can just go to that therapists waitlist and find a person to fit in there. The other easy option is just to send a broadcast email to ever person with the tag "Donna's Waitlist" letting them know you have an opening available.

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