Are your marketing efforts profitable?

Would you like to know if your marketing efforts are profitable? If so, this blog post is for you. In today's world, private practice owners in healthcare need an effective way to measure their marketing success. This article will teach you how to calculate the returns on investment of your current and future strategies!

- First, you need to identify your marketing goals. 

What do you want the people who are on your website to think? Do you want them to get healthcare information or book an appointment with a provider at your clinic? Whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish through marketing efforts, put those goals in writing and create quantifiable metrics for determining how many leads you are getting and through which channels. This will help you at least identify baseline numbers.

- Second, you need to use analytics. 

If you're not tracking your website visits and leads closely with third party software like Google Analytics or Piwik, then start now! You want these metrics in order to identify where your marketing efforts are working and which ones aren't worth the time or money.

- Thirdly, utilize both qualitative and quantitative data. 

Using tools like a CRM, Google Analytics , or even a simple spreadsheet will help you compile a list of keywords, domains, and landing pages. This is often the best starting point to understand what marketing efforts work for your team.

-Where do your marketing dollars go?

Finally, identify where your marketing dollars are going and how they're being spent. You can use something like this Lead Generation Audit Tool to start looking at different lead generation resources you are currently using, critical thinking questions to clarify your resources, and then action oriented questions to get you thinking and planning for next steps. 

It can be difficult to know if your marketing efforts are effective. The good news is that there’s a way for private practice owners to see how well their marketing strategies are working with the Lead Generation Audit Tool from Tech Centered Practice and Keap. This tool will analyze data and provide insight about what you need to do next in order to more effectively market your business online. Download it now and find out where you stand!

Lead Gen Audit Tool

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