Concierge Service for the Group Practice Owner Superstars!

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10 Years of

Direct Industry Experience

I have the know-how you need and

Guarantee a return on your investment in your first year.

Complete Practice Analysis

Step 1

Let's Talk! I want to know how you do things, what is working, and what is not! We will identify what processes are slowing your team down, costing you time and money. 

Identify the most effective solutions to automate redundant tasks, find opportunities to integrate where you can, and how to bring the whole team into the loop on key tasks. 

We will come up with a roadmap to success, a timeline for implementation, and launch so that you can feel excited and prepared for working in your new, tech savvy, and efficient practice!

Bringing Your Vision into View

Step 2

We will start outlining your process to be broken down into logical sequences and stages to help you and your team flow naturally through a process that brings all task to their natural opportune end stage. 

We will outline the natural flow of tasks your team typically encounters, the routine responses to clients, notifications to clinicians and other staff so that it can be implemented in custom forms, notes, emails, and automations.

The Work

(That I will be taking off your plate) 

Step 3

Here is where you can figuratively put your feet up and let us do all the work. We will touch base to get feedback and fine tune the steps to make sure it is all working as you envisioned.


  • Customized smart automations to save time

  • Your "Ideal Client Journey" mapped out for new potential clients

  • Internal forms to capture important information consistently and thoroughly every time

  • Your must have administrative processes in visual dynamic form

  • A practice owners dashboard full of valuable and dynamic data at your fingertips 

Training and Lauch

Step 4

I will provide group training for you and your team so they can become familiar with how they will be interacting with your new system and be standing by during launch to help troubleshoot any issues that may come up. I want to make this as smooth as possible and help you explain how this will make their life easier!

Ongoing Training

Step 5 and beyond

This is the real cherry on top! I want to make sure you and your team are 100% comfortable with the solutions you have implemented and you continue learning what you can accomplish! So, for 2 months post launch of your new improved practice, I will be available to continue helping your team through training and education when there are questions or any confusion. Together we can also hammer out any slight adjustments that may need to be made. You will also be receiving access to videos and ideas that you can integrate into your practice, things you may have not even thought of!

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