DIY Automation 


Systems Analysis and Foundations: Pipelines, Automations, and Client Capture. Learn all the aspects of your system to get the most out of it.


Pipelines and Stages, how to organize them to help your clients move through a logical process and reduce chances of client's falling through the cracks in the chaos of the day.


Setting up automatic client contact files and records from manual entry, webform entry, email.


Automation Foundations: Identify the top 3 automations that will earn your ROI in your office staff and systems and begin implementation


Internal Forms, Email Templates, and Broadcasts to make your staff's life easier, and your businesses contacts to clients more consistent and in your personalized language.


Wrap up: Get final questions answered, problems solved! Let's talk about what is working and what isn't so you end this program feeling confident to fine tune as needed. 

6 weeks of 1:1 Calls to get you going so you feel like an automation star!

You are a go getter and have grit! Not ready to hand it all over? I can teach you the foundations to get you going. This is for those who are comfy with tech and just need a little guidance. 

Benefit from the years of experience and research of someone who has tried and tested various methods to find the best one so you can save time and get to work and if you so desire, grow your practice!

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