CRM's for Private Practice are more important than ever!

You can have a system that will guarantee you won't lose potential clients or miss following up on important tasks again!

You have a clinical EHR, why wouldn't you have an administrative one?

As a clinician you know all the in's and out's of managing the requirements to maintain and release clinical information. But how do you organize all that client information that relates to scheduling, communicating with office staff about balances, scheduling changes, records requests, or medication refills? Most practices don't have their administrative staff enter this type of information into their EHR but it is valuable to track nonetheless. Where is that content stored? What was communicated by your staff, how was it received by the client? All of these communications are critical to determine the effectiveness of your staff representing your business to your clients. A HIPAA Compliant CRM Solution for your Mental Health private practice may be the solution.

Help your team stay in the loop regarding communications between your practice and clients through integrating your existing emails

Store and segment your clients into mutliple categories to leverage your lists into market your unique services and products to the right people.

Create custom forms and notes to help your staff capture important information fast! Webforms, lead capture, phone intake forms, record requests, voicemail or call notes, cross team referrals and more!

Integrations available to sync your phone calls with your CRM to automatically document calls going to and from your clients with your office staff

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