Pipelines and Workflows to Organize your Practice

 Create visual worflows for the most common tasks in your private practice to make sure nothing gets missed again!

Customized workflows for all the important tasks your practice manages


You can have simple workflows that capture each step of your most important processes so you can res assured nothing and no one will fall through cracks again


Get rid of those bullet point listsi and documents to train yuur staff, these are visual workflows that can be used on a daily basis.


Combining major steps with automated tasks, emails, and notes, you will have the most comprehensive workflows to make sure your practice runs smoothly and efficiently.


This is no static document taped to the wall, your workflows will be engaging, drag and drop features to move clients in and out of stages so you can see exactly where everyone is in their unique processes

I bet you have several processes in your business where every step matters. The problem is, we are all human and it is easy to miss a step, forget to document along the way, or keep the other team members in the loop. That is where custom pipelines and workflows become your best tool. They help you see where all your clients are in your pipeline whether it be intake coordination or records requests. The client won't move on to the next identified step in your process until they have completed the previous step requirements. Track how long it takes your employees from moving clients from one stage to the next, and why some make it all the way

while others don't. 

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