Streamline Your Administrative Processes

With the Ultimate Keap Pro Course designed specifically for clinical practices!

Streamline Your Administrative Processes

With the Ultimate Keap Pro Course designed specifically for clinical practices!

Retire all of your old spreadsheets

Have you been wanting to get out of all those spreadsheets that track all of your appointment requests? It can be difficult to find a suitable system for your practice.

At Tech Centered Practice, we have helped numerous practices streamline the administrative side of their business. We're so excited to offer you our course that walks you through every step to implement your own CRM system.

  • Stop losing potential clients
  • Gain more clarity on what's happening day to day
  • Make life a whole lot easier for your staff

Our CRM Pro Course for Group Private Owners is the answer to so many issues practice owners face when running their own business.

See immeasurable value with a relatively small investment!

We constantly hear that the one thing they don't teach you in grad school is how to run your own business. Do you feel like you are drowning in the administration behind your practice? You may have joined networking groups, had business consultations, or even paid for coaches all to no avail. You can want the change that will help your business thrive, but it can be overwhelming.

The majority of your attention is likely focused on the clinical aspect of your business. You're making sure that you have all of the proper forms available, the best clinicians available, are providing the your clients the experience they're expecting, and that you have the necessary information to bill for your services. Administrative processes may not be on the forefront of your mind.

Just Imagine ...

  • Responding to clients who request an appointment, every single time.
  • Your staff having all the information and tools they need to schedule appointments in one location.
  • Important tasks having automated reminders and follow ups for your staff.
  • Being able to take the most mundane tasks off your admin teams list so they can spend more time scheduling appointments or talking to your clients.
  • Having total transparency on how your staff communicates with your clients.
  • Capturing potential clients that you thought was lost.

I appreciate the quality, value, and professionalism of Tech Centered Practice. I have learned a ton about ways to use tech systems to build my group private practice! I feel blessed to have worked with this business and felt they were incredibly responsive! 10/10!

Amanda p.

Meet Your Instructor

You'll be lead through our comprehensive course by Melissa Satti, founder of Tech Centered Practice.

Melissa has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over 10 years holding a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling. She has spent the last decade growing a 7 figure group private practice in the mental health industry. Melissa started her private practice journey at the very bottom and found her way to success.

Melissa has the knowledge and experience to help smaller practices like yours implement the tools that were previously only used by the big corporations.

Melissa Satti

Melissa Satti

Founder of Tech Centered Practice

What's Covered In The Course?



The Tour

You'll get the complete tour of your new CRM System!




Melissa will walk you through the setup process of your system step by step.



CRM Terms

If you're new to CRM systems, there may be a lot of jargon that you're unfamiliar with. We'll help you to understand it.



Creating Your Pipeline

We'll show you how to turn your everyday processes into a visual pipeline.



Creating Your Phone Intake Form

We will build a form to make it easy to capture all of the necessary information for scheduling your clients.



Automating Phone Form Elements

Set up your new client to flow through your pipeline and track necessary data.



Creating Public Web Forms and Automation

Capture potential clients on your website by learning how to create webforms in your system while letting your app take care of all the routine follow up for you!



Creating and Automating a Scheduled Intake Form

Creating a form to capture all the relevant intake details so you can then automate confirmation emails and notices to clients and clinicians



Bonus Behind The Scenes Campaign

I threw in a bonus campaign that runs behind the scenes but will make using the system easier



The Final Walk Through

Let's walk through all that you built so far and how it will look using it day to day

Need More? Check Out Our Ultimate Bundle

We have put together an additional 3 modules for those who want to take their practice a step further.



Benefit Verification Capture Form

Capture all of that important benefit information for quick reference and to automate notifications to clients



Document Review Form

Capture forms received and forms missing with this handy form, then automate reminders to clients



The Waitlist Loop

We will create a campaign that will keep in touch with everyone on your waitlist so you don't have to until you find an actual appointment!

Melissa at Tech Centered Practice helped our therapy practice automate our intake procedures. Her understanding and experience in how a therapy practice functions was critical to understanding our needs. She set out a clear plan, was committed to the timeline set out, delivered as promised, and followed up to ensure we were satisfied. I do not hesitate to recommend her services.


I Need Training For My Team Though

We've got you covered! Both our Foundations Bundle and the Ultimate Bundle include access to our Admin Training. You can even request accounts for your staff and have them go through the Admin Training at their own pace.

So what's covered in the Admin Training?



Admin Training Tour



Client Processes

Your admin support staff get access to their own modules to be able to familiarize themselves to your new software and how the processes will look for them day to day.

So What Material Does The Course Consist Of?

  • Each module consists of easy to follow short videos that walk you through and explain each step. 
  • I'm not just showing you what to do ... I've compiled super helpful campaigns that will help you to streamline key administrative processes right away!
  • I've already curated tons of customs fields that will help you gather client information quickly and efficiently over the phone or online so your clients can get right to scheduling.
  • Maybe you're not confident that you could continue after you've completed the training? That's why everyone that goes through this course will have access to our growing community for support. I will also be popping in to answer questions posted in the group and provide ongoing helpful tips!
  • There's more too! There are many resources throughout the course including reference material and cheat sheets.

Are You Ready?

Keap Practice Foundation Bundle

The Foundation Bundle includes everything you need to set up a system that will help improve the efficiency of your practice and prevent potential clients from falling through the cracks.

We also include a course designed specifically for your staff which they can progress through at their own pace.


$1497 (USD)

Keap Practice Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle includes everything in the Foundation Bundle, but also includes 3 extra modules which will help take your practice to the next level.

We've included the building blocks for an automation to streamline your insurance verification process.

You'll be able to track important intake or client documents with ease without having to manually chase down clients to get them.

We'll help you implement a waitlist so that you don't lose clients when you don't have an opening.


$1997 (USD)

Will I be able to set my system up on my own?

This course will walk you through the process of setting up your CRM system step by step. It has been designed to provide you with all the essential tools to set up your own CRM customized for your particular practice. Not only will I provide you with the most valuable tools that I know work, but I will provide you with training on how your system works and strategies to start thinking bigger.

Do you include training for my staff?

Yes! We have included a course just for your team. You can request additional accounts that have access just for your team members so that they can work through the training at their own pace.

Does the price of this course include the cost of the CRM system?

No. This course will guide you through the setup but you do gain exclusive access to partner pricing for the CRM. Just sign up for the CRM at


What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the product being digital we do not offer refunds.


This Sounds Great, But How Do I Justify The Cost?

This course is the cost effective way to get a CRM implemented in your practice now and will save you thousands on a custom implementation. 

This system helps you and your staff be more efficient and also helps to prevent potential clients from falling through the cracks. The increased efficiency alone I equate to about the equivalent of one full time employee and the larger your practice grows, the bigger the return on investment!