What is a CRM Anyway?

If you have asked or thought this before you are not the only therapist I have heard this from. Many therapist, if not a vast majority, have never heard of a CRM. It is just not likely to be a tool that is commonly used in the private practice world like other softwares like an EHR/ERM system, or electronic patient check in software. None the less, it can be just as valuable.

CRM stands for Client Relationship Manager. Think of your EHR but for everything but the clinical stuff. Well, most of the clinical stuff. A CRM is a tool that can be used countless ways but I think the most valuable foundational use for group private practices especially, is to tidy up and streamline all of those pesky administrative processes like the intake scheduling process, the records request process, the communication between your potential client and your office staff, hiring processes and more.

Think about some of the problems you may have running a mental health group private practice. Some common challenges for practice owners include:

  • Not being able to respond promptly to new appointment requests, or concern your staff is not following up consistently and promptly

  • Worry that people or tasks will fall through the cracks because there are too many steps, distractions, or people involved in the process

  • Not having a handle on your data to know what is working and what is not working

  • Difficulty managing staff across locations that may be interacting with the same clients and none of them knowing if another staff member took care of it

  • Not having a logical location to record patient communication in regards to administrative requests like records requests, voicemails left by your office, benefit verification emails, etc and the EHR doesn't really have obvious spots for that stuff

A CRM can solve all of these issues while also help with marketing if you are selling products, services, or have email lists all in one system. CRM's can handle so much, from adding clients automatically through webforms, using custom internal forms to capture data while on a call with a potential client, to make all communications between that client and your office transparent to the whole team, streamline all the various processes your office handles while ensuring that no one falls through the cracks or important information is not forgotten. But the cherry on top is the automations and campaigns. This is where you can save your practice lots of time and money by creatively and strategically incorporating automation to do the work for your staff so they can focus on more important tasks! Why have them shoot an email to your biller that benefits need to be verified when the CRM can do it for them? Why manually send out customized appointment reminders when they CRM can do it?

A CRM can take your practice to the next level and has a high ROI from capturing more leads, saving practice owners money by making administrative positions operate more efficiently, and creating transparency in your team across locations so if someone is unable to continue a potential client through the process, anyone can step in seamlessly at anytime and pick up where the other person left off.

If you are interested in exploring how CRM's can benefit your practice I would love to talk to you!


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