My Private Practice Automation Dream List

We all have them! A list of all the things you WANT to do but have no time to do for your business. Chances are, if you were daring enough to start your own business, you have guts. You are a trailblazer, a revolutionary if you will. But finding a space, hanging your shingle is not the end of it. To be really successful, you have to innovate, grow, and fine-tune your practice. You have to take the steps needed to get a head of all of your competition. Not just in sales but in the other areas that make a difference. What areas you say? Employee culture, creating that WOW factor for your clients and staff, taking steps to make your team's lives easier, without sacrificing on quality. All of these can add up to happy employees, happy clients, and happy owner.

As years went on as a practice owner and you grow, you realize your issues become bigger. You have to streamline and you might find yourself always focused on why something isn't working properly, a system, a process, the humans you depend on to do things the right way. Here are some items on my list that I ended up solving. Are any on your list?

  • Automate ALL new hire onboarding tasks
  • Track patient paperwork without chasing clients
  • Automate follow-ups to client intake requests
  • Get all your intake requests in ONE spot
  • Keep clinicians in the loop automatically when new client is scheduled
  • Create a custom form to capture phone intake information
  • Get data that helps you make decisions
  • Send emails to clients who NEVER scheduled but would be a good fit
  • Birthday reminders and emails for both staff and clients
  • Create waitlists for each clinician or by issue/service
  • Fill spots before they are officially open
  • Convert clients that were in the wind
  • Interview Reviews
  • Automate your Newsletters/Blogs
  • Streamline Records Requests
  • Automate Collections and Payment Plans
  • Easily Manage Inter-Office Referrals
  • Implement Client Surveys
  • Implement Exit Interviews of Staff
  • Follow up with your waitlist
  • Culture Building

Now that is a list folks. Are any of these things that you thought about before but didn't have the time to do? Click the button below and we can talk about how to get your list, or my list done for your practice!

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