Stop Losing Clients in Your Private Practice

1. Create searchable contact lists to recover lost leads

Chances are when potential clients reach out to you there are certain pieces of information that will help you determine if you can see them or not. They might be the insurance they carry, the service they seek, or their availability. If all of these data points are collected via your web-form or your intake form and are fields within your contact record, you may be able to search these fields to pull up custom client lists. If you are turning certain clients away right now because their insurance did not cover telehealth at the time that they initially reached out, but due to Covid, their insurance has expanded that coverage, you can search all of those clients by that data point in their contact record!

2. Create a LOST Pipeline

Given that Keap makes it super easy for you to make pipelines, why not create a pipeline dedicated to all the reasons why you might lose someone, then you can go back to that category and try to re-engage them when it fits. For example, if you lose someone because your waitlist is full, put them in the waitlist full lost category so that you can send them all a broadcast to try to schedule them? This works also for insurances you don't take, or cost, or not offering a particular specialty.

3. Don't stop reaching out

I had previously thought, if they don't follow up with scheduling, we should honor their request to no longer communicate. And while I don't necessarily  NOT believe that anymore, I also came to realize that if someone was motivated enough to reach out once, chances are things in their life were pretty dire. They may not have had the courage to follow through, but keeping a life line out there to connect when they are ready is not disrespecting them, it is keeping the door open for easy contact. One way to keep contact without feeling like you are trying to close a deal, is sending monthly emails after you have decided that they are likely lost, but lets "keep the door open". In marketing, they call this a nurture campaign. You would just drip out emails bi-weekly or monthly and provide valuable information, resources, and even tell them why your practice is different than the rest. You would be surprised at how many people might actually convert to clients and be grateful that you didn't forget about them. 

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