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I have spent the last decade growing a $1.5M group private practice in the mental health industry. I know what it is like to start from the bottom and find my way to success. But as time went on my 15 previous years of operational and administrative work experience that helped guide me in my decision making often led me to wonder "there must be a better way of doing this!". And, often there was, however in the mental health field, it is often said, they don't teach us how to run a business in grad school, and they are right! Nor, do they teach us about all the various tools available that are used in other industries, or in large medical practices who have marketing executives and people who can guide a corporation in these areas. 


That is where I can help you! You don't have to muddle through and you don't have to be a large corporation to gain access to valuable resources! How has the time and money for that? You can benefit from my direct experience in the healthcare industry, growing my own successful group practice, and spending years learning and using technology tools so you don't have to!  I can match you with time saving, productivity enhancing tools customized for your practices needs.

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