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Organize the Chaos


Moving a client from the first contact to paying client has a lot of steps! Let me help you organize all the steps into a clear and visual set of stages so anyone can jump in and take over and no potential clients fall through the cracks!

Reclaim Your Time


Time is money, the more productive your staff can be will have a direct influence on your revenue. Save you and your staff time by automating routine steps to enhance your practice

Get the Data

Do you know why you aren't capturing 100% of potential client's reaching out to you? How many potential clients have you lost due to slow response times or understanding there may be a need for a particular type of clinician at your practice? The data can answer nearly an unlimited number of questions to help you make valuable business decisions!


We'll dive into your organizational efforts to organize and coordinate your administrative and intake processes. I will learn about your practice, your unique challenges and needs so that I can put together a comprehensive plan of attack that can solve these issues and make life easier!

I want to hear about your biggest administrative frustrations so we can get you solutions

Unique Solutions for your unique practice administrative needs based on industry knowlege

I will build you solutions customized for your practice and unique workflows that work

Launch day and staff training so you can hit the ground running and take the stress of training off your plate


your team

Designing your

ideal system

Providing Solutions that fit your practice

Set up a time

to chat

How we are different than other consultants

We  have 10+ years experience successfully growing a group private practice in a healthcare industry. We can provide you with custom solutions with insider knowledge so you don't have to explain all the in's and out's of your healthcare business and the requirements you face to comply with HIPAA and ethical practices. We know what works, common issues, and unique solutions specifically designed for group practice owners like yourself.