I help private practice owners capture more clients, save time and money with smart and custom tech solutions. 

Get the Hidden Data, Easily!


Get a customized dashboard that provides you with valuable metrics for greater insight on what is working and not working for your practice. Track lead conversion, task management, service requests, email open rates, and more! The possibilities are endless and they are right at your fingertips. I can provide you a solution to track the data that is most important to you. 

No Wasted Opportunity


If you are not keeping track of all to of the potential clients you are losing and why, you are missing on opportunities to circle back around later when there are new opportunities to connect and provide services to those who have reached out to you.

Connecting your Team

How do you stay connected to your team, ensure their productivity, and focus on leveraging your resources? Having tools and systems in place will ensure that there is cross-team communication, clarity, and followup so as an owner, you can rest assured your team is getting the job done!


It was worth it! I would do it all over again, instantly!

Amanda's Top 3 Practice Issues:

  1. Intake Process

  2. Benefit Verification

  3. Converting Leads to Clients

"It cut down on the amount of time, emotional stress, and ineffectiveness that led to clients being dropped through the cracks!

I loved having Melissa build up systems that automated intakes into a MUCH simpler process. It was truly life changing for my business!"


—  Amanda, Owner of Life Coaching and Therapy

Why would you want an industry expert?

Tech Centered Practice has 10+ years experience successfully growing a 1.5m group private practice in a healthcare industry. You can get customized solutions developed by an insider who knows your industry and specializes in working with practice owners like yourself. No need to explain all the in's and out's of patient care, compliance standards, insurance, and everything you have to organize when running a practice. You can get someone you trust and who understands the challenges you face and give you unique solutions specifically designed for group practice owners like yourself. 

Let's Talk!

Life and business is turning out different than you expected. Businesses that will thrive will embrace the need to re-imagine their practice operating in new and innovative ways. Don't be a practice owner that gets left in the dust because you were unwilling to imagine a new and brighter future.

I want to hear about your concerns, what is your usual way of conducting business and your concerns and hopes for the future of your practice.

We will discuss solutions to help you laying the foundation for the future of your practice and how I can help you get that done.

I will build you solutions customized for your practice and unique workflows that are geared to help your practice thrive

Launch day and staff training so you can hit the ground running and take the stress of training off your plate


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