3 Internal Forms to Save Your Staff Tons of Time

Chances are that your staff are gathering lots of information on the daily. Maybe they have a post-it note systems or note pads next to their computers. Here are 3 must have internal forms to use in your CRM to capture information quickly and consistently. In this video I discuss: Phone Intake Forms, Benefit Verification Form and Practice Form Review Form. That was a lot of forms.

The benefits of customizing internal forms for your staff are many. First, it allows them to enter data into a centralized location consistently every time. Second, it saves lots of time. You don't have to hunt for particular fields in your client's contact record, simply create a new record for a new potential client through a form, or fill out key information that needs to be updated in the client record through an internal form found inside their contact record. Lastly, by building custom internal forms for your practice, your staff will be more efficient with their time, which means it will free up that time they saved to focus on more important details, like ensuring your clients have the best experience with your mental health private practice.


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